Stupid Bitch!

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If I ever meet her, this is a self-reminder…

Ja, DO NOT slap her..



Stupidity At Its Best!

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I received a call from Jay today and he was crying like crazy. Why? His girlfriend was admitted to hospital and is in a critical condition. What happened?

She took poison and now she is in a coma. STUPID GIRL! Just because of ONE joke. If you cannot take a joke, stay in the jungle!

And the poor guy is sitting for his final year exam and SHE DOES SOMETHING THAT STUPID AND SELFISH. Even if she was angry at him for teasing her the way he did, she wouldn’t commit such a selfish act.

Now the poor idiot is blaming himself because of her selfishness.

Suicide is a serious thing but then it is the most selfish thing done to oneself! God gave you life and you want to throw it away.

No doubt, at one point of our life, we all have that feeling of wanting to end our own life but then if you think rationally, it is selfish.

*sighs* Life is filled with pathetic worms called human. WEAK humans.


People Who NEVER Understand!

Posted: November 11, 2010 in anger

I really cannot stand it when people DO NOT understand the situation you are in and where FAMILY is concerned, I PUT FAMILY first before all and we were informed at the very last minute!

It is up to PEOPLE whether to understand or not.

More later. Head hurts. I am NOT in the mood to study!


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Last week, I played PR for a company I wasn’t working for. Yes, Fuck My Life-much. Just go on… This week, today more likely, I have to play COUNSELLOR to some other person’s significant’s other. I pity the guy.

Come on. He is so in love with you and you aren’t taking any risk for him and you go fuck around with some other guy? Come on! Quit being a slut. I had a LONG Bahasa Sarawakian rant note all for you…

I doubt you understand because you don’t. In front of me, you show off to me that you miss your boyfriend but then when behind all of us, you pick a fight with him. Jee. Slut!

I will rant more later. Got class now!

Oh How It Hurts

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My head, I mean. I am worried over many things.

Only God knows how I feel. *sighs*


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Home 🙂

Welcome. Home..


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Relief. Yes. Because I told her who must know.
Short one. Tired. Sleepy.